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About Yerek
Misael Gonzaga Corona, artistically known as Yerek One is originally from Mexico Puebla. Having an academic development in Plastic Arts, he graduated in 2020 from the University of “Institute of Visual Arts of the State of Puebla”. He remained active holding Pictorial, Graphic and Sculpture exhibitions, in galleries at Museo de San Pedro, Barrio del Artista and Museo de Arte de Puebla. Misael later carried out a 3-year career as a professional tattoo artist, being a resident in the studios of Arcaros Tattoo and Daruma Tattoo. His work reflects a wide range of styles and techniques, such as Traditional American, Neo-Traditional, Blackwork, New School and Shadows (whose graphics cover various topics). Misael also has a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@yerekone) where he documents selected pieces and shows in detail the process of making these works, leaving them open to the public so that they can explore their pigmentation technique. By the year 2023 he participated in the International Tattoo Expo of Puebla in the Black Work category.
Traditional; New School; Neotraditional

Rate: $160/hour ($150 Shop Min.)

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