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About Joel

Joel has basically always been drawing. Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, since he was a little kid, it seems there was never a time he wasn’t busy being creative or doing something related to the arts. He spent much of his childhood years in his room, or at the kitchen table, or somewhere in the house, with a pencil in hand. Being a self taught artist, Joel developed his skill with innumerable hours of practice. His mother, a natural & educated artist herself, picked up on his clear gift, mentoring him with her talents, specifically, and successfully, to exceed her.

Joel’s art always stood out because of its detail and profound realism. Even as a small child, adults commented they knew what he drew! His love for detail and the human face, led him to be a realism portrait artist, before moving over to the world of tattoos.

Joel’s artwork has since been recognized by producers, celebrities, and actors alike. His work has been featured in Breaking Bad’s ‘99% Pure’ art book. He has brought these same skills to tattooing, specializing in realism and finely detailed work, Joel, brings a fine touch and a fine hand to the world of body art and tattooing!


Rate: $130/ hour

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