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About Luu

My artistic journey began in fashion design, where I pursued my studies in Milan, Italy. However, it was the world of tattoos that truly captured my heart, and in 2020, I had the opportunity to turn my passion into a reality.

What sets my tattoo designs apart is my ability to integrate my fashion-forward perspective into them, combining the fashion cultures of both the East and the West. With a deep appreciation and knowledge of Chinese culture, I find myself particularly skilled in Chinese ink wash, New Asian, and traditional Japanese tattoo styles. It is through these styles that I can express my creativity and pay homage to the beauty of Eastern traditions.

In addition to my love for tattoo artistry, I have a passion for art and design, which fuels my creativity and keeps me constantly inspired.¬†Beyond the tattoo studio, you’ll find me embracing fitness and exploring the world. These experiences fuel my creativity and inspire me to create captivating designs that tell your story.

Chinese Ink Wash; New Asian; Japanese Traditional

Rate: $170/hour ($150 Shop Min.)

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