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About Kianna

Calgary born and bred with Swedish roots, Kianna grew up wanting to be an artist like her dad who taught her the fundamentals of art so she could run with it. Kianna always knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist; as she recalls spending her time in class drawing on herself and her classmates.

She loves Alberta and all the beauty it has to offer and draws much of her inspiration from her surroundings.

You’ll find Kianna can talk about just about anything from music, science, cartoons, anything geek culture, her love of longboarding, books or cars, etc.

Rate: $130/ hour

Outside the shop Kianna can be found in her role as a wife and mother surrounded by her chosen people. Just enjoying the chaos that makes life so inspiring.

Kianna loves line-work, colour work, blackwork and her own unique style of black and grey.