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About Cassidy

Originally from Nanaimo, BC – Cassidy Heathcote grew up inspired by the vibrant colours that are known to grow on Vancouver Island. As a toddler initially scribbling on walls, then as a child later moving to paper, and eventually transitioning to work on canvas as a teenager – it is evident that Cassidy has gravitated to the arts since the very beginning. Eight years ago, Cassidy moved from Vancouver Island to Calgary, AB and inevitably began her tattoo journey – proving that her creative skills could be utilized beyond paint on canvas.

Cassidy prioritizes empathy and integrity as much as strong artistic efforts with her clients. Furthermore, she aims for a sincere comfortable and relaxed experience within every appointment – ensuring a notable inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals.

The styles/themes that Cassidy tends to prefer, include colour realism/surrealism, portraits of women, neotraditional designs, cute/creepy designs, darker alternative designs, and the occasional nude or partial nude pinup

Colour Realism/ Surrealism; Neotraditional; Alternative

Rate: $160/ hour ($150 Shop Min.)

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