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After Care


We recommend using medical grade clear adhesive bandage to promote rapid and safe healing for your tattoo.  This helps prevent dirt, grime and bacteria from contaminating your tattoo and at the same time allows oxygen in to allow for optimal healing. After 8-24 hours (depending on how much the area weeps) remove the first second skin bandage that was applied by the artist, then clean and dry thoroughly.  For best results remove in the shower and use paper towel to pat dry.

Once the tattooed and surrounding are CLEAN and DRY (tattoo should not be weeping before proceeding) remove one side of the backing paper on the new piece of second skin.  Make sure the area is in a natural and relaxed position and apply.  Smooth over the second skin then remove the last layer of backing paper.

Second bandages can be worn for up to 5 days. After the second application of the second skin, continue your healing with Atticus Tattoo approved aftercare and instructions until your tattoo is 100% healed. We strongly recommend applying sunblock to tattoos to prevent fading.

Traditional Bandage

We do offer a more traditional aftercare option as well. Leave the bandage on for a minimum of THREE HOURS or recommended time. Wash tattoo gently with warm water and mild scent free soap. Rinse with cold water and carefully pat dry with paper towel. Apply a small amount of artist recommended aftercare. If stinging, redness or swelling occurs, wash and wait 24 HOURS before re-applying. During the healing process, wash and apply aftercare 3 times DAILY. We strongly recommend applying sunblock to tattoos to prevent fading.

Do not:
  • Do not pick or tear off scabs
  • Do not swim, hot tub or soak for a minimum of three weeks
  • Do not tan or expose to direct sunlight until fully healed


Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or touching your piercing. Twice a day spray piercing with H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray and gently remove build up with a Q-tip. Avoid touching and rotating the piercing during the healing process as well as soaking in unsterilized water.

Do Not:
  • Do not over clean the piercing
  • Do not take out jewelry until the piercing has healed (make take up to several months depending on the piercing)
  • Check jewelry for tightness often through out the day
  • Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine or soap to clean the piercing; these cleaners are too harsh for your piercing

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