About Wyoming

For as long as Wyoming can remember, he’s been creating and always expressing his profound creativity in a variety of outlets. Wyoming developed a love and gift for designing in multiple forms, from custom cabinetry and woodworking to operating heavy equipment contributing to the beautiful cityscape of Calgary.

Throughout Wyoming’s adult life, art has always been a calming pastime. Originally working with graphite and charcoal drawing realism black and grey portraits. In the last couple years he has made art his primary focus and expanding his techniques and methods. Still working in black and grey he has developed a unique style creating one of a kind mandalas, dotwork landscapes, skulls and an enormous array of botanical art. Finally making the leap from pen and paper to needle and skin he has been putting his perfectionism, detail oriented unique style to good use designing and administering custom pieces. He is constantly expanding his skill set by working with colour and new artistic concepts, and always willing to accept a challenge to make your dream piece your pride piece.