Choosing an artist

Choosing which artist is actually an easy process. We make sure to keep an up to date portfolio for each artist both on our website as well as on facebook page. Please look through the different artists’ portfolios to see which artist fits best with your tattoo style

Tattoo Design/Consultations

We are a custom tattoo shop, which means we like to work with you to create something meaningful and unique. It’s recommended for the consultation for you to bring in any reference material and ideas to help the artist create something original and special just for you! If you would like to bring your own design that is also fine, however, please be open to the possibility that some designs need to be adjusted to work effectively. The artist might also make suggestions to better fit your budget, make it fit your body better, and create a meaningful piece of artwork that you will treasure and look great for a long time!


Our tattoo artists work tirelessly to create unique artwork for each of our clients. In order to have your artist draw up your design, and to secure your spot on the appointment calendar we do require a minimum $150 deposit. This amount is taken off the bill of your last session. Please understand that we are charging for a service; all drawings remain the property of the shop.
Make a deposit securely online

Missed Appointments

We do our best to call and remind you of your appointment as a courtesy, but remembering your appointment is your responsibility. Please note that we require 72 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Please be courteous – our artists have already invested many hours on your behalf. NO SHOWS and short notice cancellations will forfeit their deposit.


  • Tattoos are $160/hour
  • Minimum charge: $150
  • Consultations are free up to one 1/2 hour (30 minutes)
  • Drawing/designs are free up to one 1/2 hour (30 minutes)
  • All drawing and redesigns after the initial drawings are additional charges.

General Rules

  • Clients must be 18 to get a tattoo – Underage Clients require written parental consent and is at the discretion of the tattoo artist
  • ID may be required to prove age.
  • Make sure you eat something before you get your tattoo.
  • Clients must be sober to get a tattoo. No exceptions.
  • Please make sure you arrive clean, as the artist will be touching you.

A Note on Hands, Feet and Necks

On body parts that move a great deal or have extra rough or extra thin skin, the healed images are less predictable than on more stable areas of the body. Many tattoo artists refuse to tattoo these areas for this reason. If you choose to proceed with having the following areas tattooed, you understand that the artist cannot be held responsible for fading or uneven healing.


We have top of the line organic aftercare products available for purchase. Proper care will ensure optimal healing with fewer complications. Tattoo clients MUST follow aftercare guidelines to preserve the right for a complimentary touch up.

Please visit our Aftercare page for more tattoo aftercare information


Walk-in Hours:

Saturday – Wednesday

11am – 6pm

Thursday & Friday

11am – 7pm



Because tattoos are on living bodies and bodies are diverse, sometimes a line will fade a bit in the healing process. Touch-ups are free within 90 days of getting the tattoo. Please call the shop to arrange an appointment to touch-up your tattoo if necessary. These appointments are quick (15-20 minutes) and can usually be fit easily into your schedule.
You can mitigate fading with proper care of your tattoo while it is healing. Please read the aftercare instructions you are given at the time of your appointment, and call us if you have any questions.

Touch-ups are NOT:

  • A fix for poor practices during the healing phase like drinking, picking, swimming or fading due to lifestyle such as heavy duty work, playing with children, etc.
  • An on-going service to keep your tattoo looking “fresh”

We want you to be happy with your tattoo, and we stand behind our work. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any concerns with your tattoo.

Payment Options

We do accept cash, debit as well as credit. As stated before if your tattoo is complete then your deposit should come off the final price of your tattoo! It’s common practice to tip your ATTICUS tattoo shop artist if you are happy with your tattoo, or feel you got extra attention. If you can afford it, a good tip is 15-20%, just like a restaurant, but Atticus Tattoo Shop welcomes whatever you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that the custom design as well as drawings that are done up, are commonly done after hours, unpaid and at home. Some drawings can take many hours to complete as well.

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